Town Proceeds With Preparations For Project At Bellevue Ave. Site

Heads Drive- James J. Curran, well-known Norwood attorney, who has been named chairman of the Norwood 1946 Red Cross Fund Drive. Mr. Curran, prominent in community affairs for many years, has recently been reelected to the School Committee. He has been on the faculty of the Suffolk Law School for the past four years, having been made a full professor last year. He is already at work on the organization of the Red Cross Drive, which will be conducted in Norwood starting March 1.

A representative of the Federal Public Housing Authority placed his approval on two sites for emergency housing for war veterans following an inspection tour of Norwood on Wednesday.

The Number One choice of the Board of Selectmen is a tract of land on the westerly side of Bellevue avenue running up to the standpipe. This area, now held in tax title by the town, received the approval of the government inspector Lloyd Westbrook.

Westbrook also lent his approval to the Number Two choice of the Selectmen, an area on the south side of Dean street and East of the Railroad bridge, including lots where the town formerly had a sewer pumping station.

Acting under the authority of the Board of Selectmen, General Manager Francis W Smith today went ahead with plans to set up the temporary housing project on the Bellevue avenue site.

There appears to be some opposition to the Bellevue avenue site with some residents of the section disapproving of the project for their neighborhood.

General Manager Smith, however, emphasized several points in connection with the plan which would indicate that the project would In no way be undesirable to any section.


“So that there will be no misunderstanding, he asserted, “this emergency housing program for our returned war veterans is definitely of a temporary nature.” and he added that “the homes will be made as attractive as possible.”

He went on to explain that the emergency housing measure is authorized under Chapter 13 of the Acts of 1946. which provides for housing for veterans of World War II Under the Lanham Act. Emergency housing, such as the Norwood project, is definitely temporary and definitely for World War II veterans only. The law requires that all buildings shall be removed within two years after the emergency is declared over.

With federal approval of the site received, the Board of Appeal will be asked for a waiver of the zoning laws and building regulations. Because of the provisions of the law requiring the project to be temporary, the zoning laws and building regulations could not be violated permanently as regards this site, it is pointed out.

The Bellevue avenue site offers several advantages, including pleasant surroundings. Water, electricity, and sewer facilities are in easy access. Bus service is also readily available.

The town hopes to obtain one-story units. When set up, they will be freshly painted and the grounds will be made attractive. There is at present a tremendous demand for these housing facilities which the government is providing free of charge to the cities and towns to help alleviate the acute housing shortage. Norwood appears to be assured of accommodations for at least 16 families, and it is hoped that more will be available. Some additional building material is required in the setting up of the buildings and, the difficulty in obtaining such material may be a large factor in limiting the number of units.

Men who gave up their homes during wartime to fight for their country, only to learn on their return that there were virtually no housing facilities available for themselves and their families, were heartened today by reports of the progress of the housing plan.


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