This Day In Norwood History-February 10, 1943-$12 A Week Feeds A Family Of Four

1943 Ad for A&P Supermarkets

In spite of present high food prices, a family of four may obtain their nutritional needs on $12 a week. This requires, of course, careful buying and management, says Miss May E. Foley of the Massachusetts State College Extension Service, who, in cooperation with Miss Beatrice Billings of the same organization, has worked out a sample grocery order, listing prices of individual items which should be included in the weekly menu.

This order, which is free to residents of Massachusetts, is based on food prices at the start of 1943. Milk; vegetables and fruits; meat and meat substitutes; grain products; and sugars, fats, and incidentals are the live main divisions of the grocery order, and prices of the individual items under each are given. This grocery order also stays well within the rationing coupon limit.

In some localities, says Miss Foley, these prices may be higher; in others, lower. Where enormous appetites exist in the family, this order may be too low. On the other hand, many items can be produced at home and will cut the cost per week. On farms this would be particularly true because milk, eggs, the vegetables, and a share of the meat and other items could be produced at considerably less than store prices.

To secure a copy of the $12 grocery order for a family of four. Massachusetts residents should send their request to the Mailing Room. M. S. C., Amherst. Massachusetts.

February 10, 1943 – The Norwood Messenger

This Day in Norwood History-January 25, 1961-Flashlight In Pond 7 Months Still Works

This Day in Norwood History-January 25, 1961-Flashlight In Pond 7 Months Still Works

Mr. Otis Cooper of Town Sq. Hardware Co. reports the following unusual experience of one of his customers Henry Bergeron, 4 Brookfield Road, Norwood purchased a Rayovac 5-cell flashlight at Town Square Hardware last spring and while fishing at Turnpike…

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