NORWOOD, Dec 15—The committee appointed to bring in recommendations for a suitable memorial for the soldiers and sailors of the World War reported at the special town meeting in Everett Hall last night.

The recommendation adopted includes the erection of a building for town purposes, with rooms for the town officers, the construction to be deferred until such a time as the cost of labor and material should make it feasible. In the meantime, a committee will be appointed to make a thorough investigation of such a project.

Appropriations were made for meeting the increased expenses of the town to finish the fiscal year, amounting to $74,674.99. Of this sum, $59,750 will be borrowed for safer construction, maintenance, and repairs of highways, the maintenance of the Water Department, and extension of sewers.

The article asking the town to pay the Civic Association $3500 for services and rental of property to the School Department was postponed.

Despite the storm there were a number of women present and when the time came for adjournment. Judge Halloran, the moderator, accorded them the privilege of making the motion. It was offered by Mrs. A. S. Hartwell, president of the Norwood Woman’s Club, and seconded by Miss Susie D. Wheelock. It was the first motion ever made by a woman in a Norwood town meeting.

Wed, Dec 15, 1920 – 3 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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