Norwood Veteran Is One of Several Townsmen Who Fought in the German Wars.

Lawrence Kuld

04 Aug 1913, Mon The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

NORWOOD, Aug 3 — Laurenz Kuld, the oldest German-born resident of Norwood, celebrated his 86th birthday Saturday. He received the congratulations of many friends. Mr Kuld was one of those Germans who came to this country as a result of the revolutionary wave which swept over the smaller States of Germany in 1848.

Mr Kuld was in the army of Baden, serving in Artillery Division No. 3. When this force was defeated in 1848 by the Prussians and Austrians he had ‘ several narrow escapes from capture. He reached this country in 1852.

Mr Kuld’s birthday has brought out the fact that there are several men in Norwood who have served in the German wars. Karl Kuld served in the army of the Austrian allies from October, 1865. to October. 1866. He was in the 3d Battery of the Baden Artillery, but took part in only one engagement.

On the other side in this war was William Kien, who served in the 5th Grenadier Regiment of Prussia, his term of compulsory service lasting from Oct 2, 1865, to October, 1866. He was in three battles. He also served in the 6th Grenadier Regiment of Prussia during the war with France in 1870. In the battle of Sedan he was wounded in the left leg.

Gustaff Bastian served from Aug 20, 1870, to September, 1871, in the 2d Division of Artillery under Prince Karl of Prussia.

Gustaff Bastien

In the same Franco-Prussian war Frederick C. Messenger was in the 22d Cavalry of Baden, under the command of Prince Karl of Baden, and Raw active service in Alsace-Lorraine.

The present Balkan troubles remind one of the service of Victor Martinidesz of this town, who served in the Austrian Army in Bosnia and Herzegovina when those Provinces revolted in 1882. Much of the fighting was with the Turkish guerrillas along the Balkan peaks. Mr Martinidesz has a medal presented him by the Austrian Emperor tor service in this war.

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