The Plimpton Wing, a gift of Alice Morrill Plimpton (sister of Sara Bond Morrill and daughter of George H. Morrill) was built in 1928 as a three-story wing at the right-rear of the library. (Photo courtesy Charlotte Canelli/Morrill Memorial Library. Colorized by the Norwood Historical Society)

FOR THE CONVENIENCE of its users the Morrill Memorial Library has arranged to have the steel display shelves constructed in the Plimpton Wing as well as a small reading nook to enable users to be comfortable while examining books in that section. In the photo arc: Bertil C. Flinkman, 413 Washington Street, seated on the small movable stool to facilitate examining books on the lower shelves; Mrs. Carl Wickstrom, 52 Hillcrest Place, Westwood, making use of the reading nook, and Miss Shirley Johnson, High School page. (Kugel Photo)

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