Dr. Soberbrow, in his address to the graduating class of one of our lady colleges last year, while he complimented them on their attainments and beauty, said that he hoped he should never have his sensibilities shocked by seeing one of them on a bicycle.

Had Dr. S. seen the “cavalcade” of eight of Norwood’s prettiest and healthiest girls pass up Washington street the other evening gliding over the ground in noiseless, easy, graceful motion, conscious of freedom and power, each on a safety, he might have been led to change his opinion. To ride horseback on a side saddle is considered genteel and popular, if not graceful. The horse may be considered more noble than a machine; so he is more dangerous and sometimes more intractable. The position on the bicycle is quite as graceful, the exercise quite as healthful, and soon it will be quite as popular, in spite of Dr. Soberbrow and Mrs. Grundy.

So go in girls, and enjoy your new freedom, careful not to abuse it, nor yourselves, and the bicycle will prove an instrument for the widening of your circle of activity, if not of usefulness.

(All articles were originally published in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)