Another Bette, Or a New Star For Hollywood?

MARION ROSAMOND (AP Feature Service)

HOLLYWOOD.—Marion Rosamond is blond, 21, and determined to stay in Hollywood and be an actress — although most people tell her that she looks like Bette Davis.

“I suppose that will be against me,” she says, ’’but I want to act, and now that I’m here—I’m going to stay while my money holds out.

Miss Rosamond has wanted to be an actress for a long time now. She’s had a little experience— school dramatics, a summer of stock with the Harlan Grant Players in Vermont, and a small role in the New York musical, “Louisiana Purchase,” from which she came with five other New York models for a small role in “The Road to Rio.”

Lucky omens, besides the Davis resemblance: Bette’s home town, Newton, is only a few miles from Norwood, Mass., where Miss Rosamond lives; like Bette, Marion also once served as an usherette to earn money for more coaching.

Marion Rosamond Norwood Massachusetts Hollywood movie star
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