John Ford’s Film “The Battle of Midway” was one of four winners of the inaugural 1942 Academy Award for Best Documentary (

Chief Warrant Officer Robert Kenney, U. S. Navy Air Corps, who figured in the naval battle last August in the invasion of Guadalcanal, will tell Norwood people about his experience next Thursday evening at a mass meeting in the Norwood Junior High School. Kenney will appear in person on the Red Cross program which opens at 8 p.m.

Kenney was at his battle station aboard the cruiser Vincennes on August 9th when she was sunk by Jap torpedoes. Wounded in action, he is one of the few Navy men to merit the medal of the Purple Heart.

One of four films to be shown during the evening, “The Battle of Midway.” has many scenes taken from Kenney’s ship, which is seen in the picture. In addition to the battles of Guadalcanal and Midway. Kenney has served in the Atlantic campaign of Iceland and Bermuda, in major battles in Africa and in other parts of the Pacific. His has been a varied career in the Navy.


Norwood’s audience of April 13th will hear all this from Chief Kenney in person. He will relate his Navy experiences in the big blood donor’s rally of the Red Cross. Admission to the rally is free.

“The Battle of Midway,” “The Invasion of North Africa.” the “Battle of Coral Sea” and “They Need Not Die.” The Junior High School band will play during the evening.

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This is the first time Norwood will have a chance to see these war films and to hear about action from men who have participated in them. Kenney and his fellow servicemen will give first-hand impressions.

Town Manager Francis W. Smith will speak and pay tribute to these returned fighting men. A report of accomplishments on the home front will be presented by Norwoods Blood Donor Chairman Joseph Gemelli, and the latest news of Boston’s part in this tremendous new program which is demanding 5,000 pints of blood front Boston weekly will be given by Anastasia Kirby, Assistant Director, Boston Blood Donor Center.

Everyone is invited to the mass meeting. Admission is free. No children will be admitted, however, without escorts.