Thirteen-year-old Betty Ecklund of Sumner street, Norwood, agrees yesterday was her “unlucky lucky day.”

And it all resulted when John Santoro, manager and owner of the Roll Land Skating Rink, decided to fall for what appeared to be a belated April Fool prank.

On his way uptown yesterday afternoon, Santoro noticed a ladies’ purse lying in the street in front of the Norwood Press. Passing it by as a hangover from All Fool’s day, he drew himself up after a few paces and retraced his steps just to make sure. Investigation revealed n tidy sum of money. Identification was found in the purse and Santoro immediately set out for the address.

Then Betty came into the picture, peddling her bicycle as fast as her legs could make it. There were tears streaming down her cheeks.

Turning his attention to this new situation, Santoro stopped the girl and inquired why all the misery.

“My mother gave me some money in a purse to deposit in the Co-operative Bank and I lost it,” the girl sobbed.

Santoro cross-checked on names and then produced the missing handling.

Betty looked up at the kindly gentleman and dried her eyes. As her sobs turned to giggles of joy, she murmured something about “Gee, Mister, this is sure my unlucky lucky day”.