Gordon Woodberry Designs Entrance Distinguished For Beauty and Simplicity

Showing selectmen plans for a beautiful entrance to the Father McAleer playground, the special Father McAleer memorial committee expressed the hope on Tuesday night that the dedication of the memorial might be possible by May 26th. That date would have been the thirteenth anniversary of the Rev Robert E. McAleers’ ordination into the priesthood.

The memorial plan was designed by Gordon Woodberry, who gave his services as the architect. It provides for an entrance to the playground constructed of the same stone as used in the Municipal Building. Eight foot entrance posts are flanked by four-foot walls constructed on a curve to cradle grass plots. The wall and opening will cover a forty-foot distance.

A bronze plaque, eighteen by twenty-four inches, and placed on one of the entrance posts will explain the purpose of the memorial, a tribute to one who notably aided the youth of Norwood. Plans also showed suitable planting of two Japanese yews in the grass plots, and of two American elms to frame the entrance. Chairman Coleman Coyne and Anthony Martino asked that the town cement the entrance area.

The committee now him over $1500 for the memorial purposes. Contractors secured construction information last evening and their bids will be called in within a week. With the construction period placed at two weeks, committee members hope that the dedication may be arranged for May 25th.

Committee members also suggested that the town erect a fence at the field. Acton on this request was deferred, but selectmen indicated that the cementing of the area very possibly could go forward under WPA work.

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