Erastus Monroe Boyden was tried before Judge Emory Grover in the District Court in Dedham, on last Monday morning, on two charges of assault with a dangerous weapon on Wednesday, April 11. The charges were tried together, one charge being that of assaulting with a loaded revolver James T. Wellington of Holton’s Bigelow block pharmacy, and the other that of assaulting Mrs. Helen M. Holton, mother of Adolphus Holton. In the Wellington case, Mrs. Annie D. Holton testified that her father had drawn a revolver in Wellington’s store but had laid it on the counter and had not pointed it at anyone. On this charge, Boyden was discharged.

In the Mrs. Holton assault case Mrs. Helen M. Holton testified that Boyden rushed into the house, pulled out a revolver, flourished it, and pointed it at her, and threatened to murder her son and herself. Mr. Boyden admitted in defense that he had several revolvers in his house, and while he declared that he did not point at anyone on the morning in question, declared that he was beside himself at the time and scarcely know what he was doing. He was found guilty on the charge of assaulting Mrs. Holton and fined $25. This he offered to pay, but his lawyer, Thomas E. Grover of Canton, told him not to do so, and announced an appeal to the Superior Court. C. W. Pond appeared as prosecuting attorney in the case.

Swindler Caught by Norwood Secretary-This Day in Norwood History-September 29, 1932


HURLEY HELD AS CABLE SWINDLER Pretty Norwood Secretary Causes His Arrest Identified as Man Another Girl Paid $1295 SOME OF THE STOLEN PROPERTY RECOVERED IN…

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Stole A Horse & Buggy-This Day In Norwood History-September 19, 1902


The Week’s Contribution to the Records of Juvenile Depravity Two bad boys, whose exact identity has not been established at the present writing, engaged in…

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