DEDHAM, May 12-Chief William H. Sullivan of the-Norwood police testified this morning in the trial of Ahmed and All Orsman, both of whom are accused of killing little Nellie Keras, whose body was found three days after last Christmas in a woodpile in the three-decker in which the family lived.

Chief Sullivan said he had talked with Ahmed on Dec 28 in the police station, and Ahmed told him that on returning from an errand to buy cigarettes, he had seen the girls body dead on the floor, and Ali asleep in an adjoining room. He said he woke up Ali, and that Ali was “shaking.”

Ali tied up the girls body, and Ahmed himself, he said, held the bag while All thrust the childs body into it. Ahmed gave Ali, he said, the key to his (Ahmed’s) part of the cellar of the house.

Ali slung the bag over his shoulder, and Ahmed said they went to the cellar together and together buried the bag in the woodpile. Chief Sullivan said he asked Ahmed what he had intended to do next, and Ahmed replied that they intended to take the bag, with the body in it, out some night and leave it in a field. Ahmed said he did not know where the girls clothing or shoes were, as he hadn’t seen them.

Chief Sullivan said that he next talked with Ali, who said: ‘I came down to have a good time on Christmas Day, and now he (Ahmed) is trying to have me killed.’

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The chief went back to Ahmed. Ahmed said that he left his house after all this that had been described, and went to Alis’s house at 22 Dean Street. Ali was still shaking badly. He stayed there only a short time.

Winfield Patterson, counsel for Ahmed, had no questions to ask the chief.

John.M. Boyle, Ali’s attorney, cross-questioned at length, principally on the chief’s talks with Ali.

Policeman Thomas H. McNulty of Norwood, who was detailed on the night of Dec 28 and the morning of the 29th to have charge of the two prisoners in the lockup, said he talked with Ahmed, who said “I am sorry for what I have done. If I am guilty, I will suffer.” Ahmed also told the witness that it was Ali who took the girl to the cellar.

McNulty said he asked Ahmed why he had done this thing, and Ahmed replied, “I don’t know.”

“What did you do with the clothing?” was the officer’s next question, and Ahmed replied, he said, “I do not know”.

Government Rests

At 1 this afternoon the Government rested its case. Suffolk Medical Examiner Magrath had testified to performing the autopsy on Nellie Keras Dec 27. He judged death to be due to pressure upon the childs neck, he thinks by a human hand.

Dr Magrath testified the loss of blood was not fatal, and thinks the child had died before its body was put into the burlap bag. The bleeding took place prior to death. He found an internal bruise on the back of the child’s head. The body was badly mutilated, he found, having been brutally assaulted.

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At the afternoon sessions, opening attorney Patterson opened for the defense of Ahmed Orsman, and was expected to carry the case to Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Then attorney John M. Boyle will open the defense of All Orsman, the second defendant. Many defense witnesses have been summoned, it is said.

The Boston Globe 12 May 1933

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