Large Property Damage for Little Booty.

Police Later Recover Some of the Loot in Freight Car.

1909 Photo of the Sanborn Block, corner of Washington and Vernon Streets (Photo colorized by the Norwood Historical Society)

NORWOOD. Oct 19—Three stores in the Sanborn Block, corner of Washington and Vernon sts., the business center of Norwood, were visited by burglars some time early this morning. All were entered from a court in the rear, but the intruders secured little of value Parker Brothers’ hardware store was invaded through a cellar window. The burglars then went up the stairs, smashed the panel of the inside door and turned the key through the hole made. They took about 115 worth of articles, but found no money.

They “jimmied’ a window in the rear of L. D. Harris dry goods store and secured about $1 in pennies from the cash drawer. Mr Harris will be unable to tell whether they took any articles until he goes through his stock.

A window in the rear of the Norwood Clothing Company was broken and the catch turned through the aperture, after an unsuccessful effort had been made to jimmy that window open. Eugene M. Sullivan, the senior partner, says that the burglars took $1 out of the cash drawer, and does not believe they took any goods. They damaged his desk badly in trying to open it.

The fruit and tobacco store of W. Ghisellini at 629 Washington st was also entered through a window at the aide and cigars, randy and pipes, with a few pennies, were taken.

The Norwood National Bank is in the Sanborn Block next to the Norwood Clothing Company store, but so far as is known no attempt was made to enter it.

The break in the Sanborn Block stores was discovered by the assistant janitor, Joseph Low. He called Mr Parker, who notified Acting Chief of Police W. A. Readel, and after an examination the chief sent out police officers Barrett. Reid. Murphy. Linnehan and Hayes to look for clews.

Officer Hayes, while going up the railroad track, found some of the goods from Parker Brothers with empty boxes in a freight car. Thomas Flood and Con Johnson, who were at a nearby garage, saw two young men near j the block about 12:30. acting suspiciously. M. E. Flynn, who has apartments in the block, saw a man trying to keep out of sight near the corner at the same time. The police expect an arrest soon.

Mon, Oct 20, 1913 – 10 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)