MISS ANN TANNEYHILL, Vocational Guidance Director for the National Urban League, pictured above as seen in the May ’57 Issue of Charm Magazine. Miss Tanneyhlll is the current subject of Charm’s “How Did She Get There” series spotlighting outstanding American businesswomen.

Former Norwoodite Ann Tanneyhill, Vocational Guidance Director of The National Urban League is the current subject of Charm Magazine’s major editorial series spotlighting outstanding businesswomen.

As the editorial voice of America’s 21 million women who work, Charm said it is both pleased and privileged to bring Miss Tanneyhill’s personal success story to the attention of the nation’s businesswomen, Miss Tanneyhill is a graduate of Norwood High School, Class of 1923.

In documenting her achievements beyond obvious success as a businesswoman, Charm notes that Miss Tanneyhill has done a great deal to see that the Great American Dream is more than a pipedream to American minority youth. For 27 constructive years. Miss Tanneyhill has fought to get Negro boys and girls to give themselves their own breaks. In her job as Vocational Guidance Director for the National Urban League, she helps push job doors open, pushes through them young people with the right qualifications.

The Urban League’s Executive Director, Lester B. Granger says of her, “Ahn Tanneyhill is rare because she’s utterly devoted to a cause — but the devotion has never blinded her. She brings to her job all the cool intelligence and skill it takes.”

In summing up this absorbing story of an outstanding businesswoman, an outstanding Negro, and most importantly, an outstanding woman, Charm Magazine says, “Ann Tanneyhill is very specially nice people herself”.

Miss Tanneyhill Is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Tanneyhill, long residents of Norwood, and sister of Gertrude A. Tanneyhill of 46 Plimpton Avenue, Norwood.

(All articles were originally published in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)