Maps of South Norwood

Looking at maps of the area helps to illustrate how South Norwood grew.

Two 1876 Map shows house lots on the (Upper South Norwood) end of Washington Street beyond the new school. At the Dean Street end, has the house of John Robbins, and G.H. Morrill and the residence of Dr. G. Heaton.

1888 Map shows that Wellington St (now Cedar), Weld Ave and Atwood had been laid out. Shows house lots on the map on these streets. AND Dr. Heaton’s house is now owned by Mrs. Sturtevant.

1897 Plan of house lots laid out on (to be developed) Sturtevant Ave, Heaton Ave. St. James Ave (was to be called Baker) and Pond St.

1898 Plan of house lots laid out on (to be developed) Austin Street & Tremont Street

1909 Sanborn Fire map only looks at the intersection of Washington & Dean. A few single family dwellings have been built. A blacksmith is located where Porier’s is today, and a cobbler is located where Nick’s is today. Only one apartment building is shown. By not including the area to south of this map, seems to indicate still little development there. (NOTE: Previous Sanborn Maps (1892 & 1897) do not include the South Norwood area….indicating this section was not densely settled/built-up.

1915 Sanborn Fire map show the development of many “flats” on the side street off Washington as well as several business on Washington.

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