GETTING HIS SHARE OF THE BEANS: for the Boys from Boston, is Pvt. Paul F. Dyer, center, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Dyer, 18 Hoyle Street, Norwood. Boston baked beans and brown bread were the order of the day at the Belleville, Illinois, USO Club as Massachusetts men at Scott Field, Illinois, were guests at a Massachusetts day program. Mrs. Kenneth Cook, 1500 N 45th Street, East St. Louis, chairman of the committee for the day is serving Left of Pvt. Dyer, who last year was Norwood’s playground director, is Pvt. Andrew Thompson, Jr., of Somerville. On the right is Pvt. Don Smith of Dorchester

Martin O’Donnell, 299 Railroad Avenue, left yesterday for Miami, Florida, having been commissioned a 2nd lieutenant in the United States Army Air Corps.

Dr. A. J. Kisclewicz, in the Army a week, has been stationed at Camp Pickett, Virginia, in the Medical Corps.

Vincent Costello, Casey Street, left Tuesday for Fort Devens as an enlistee in the United States Army Air Corps. His brother, Pvt. Patrick J. Costello, is stationed in California.

In orders just issued by Colonel N. L. Cote, Commanding Officer of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, U S. Army Air Force Radio School of the Technical Training Command, Corporal Roy A. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. August Johnson of 69 Eliot Street, Norwood, was appointed Sergeant upon recommendation of military authorities at Sioux Falls. Johnson’s promotion was based upon his soldierly qualities and attention to duties.

Omitted from the last list of men inducted into the Army from the Norwood Draft District was the name of Henry Botsch.

Home on a fourteen day furlough is Pvt John Kalis, now stationed in Florida. Kalis got his first training at Fort Meade, Maryland, which he says is a swell camp with‘lots of entertainment going on including dances and ports.
Since leaving Meade, Kalis has had field training at Fredericksburg, Virginia, and has just finished the month and a half of maneuvers in North and South Carolina.

Kalis says there are a number •of other Norwood boys in his outfit, among them, Merrill Cönrad, William D’Amicoj John Rukatalia, John Piloviteh, Joe Kadaro, John Kazu-kawich, Patrick McDonough, Harold Peterson, Charles Zabrowsky, John Donovan, Joseph Palsic, John; Lanzoni, Charles Campisanö, John Solomon and Patrick Mogan.

Apprentice Seaman Francis Hey-lin is home on a week’s leave following completion of his basic training at Newport Naval Training Station. Home at the same time, and also through basic training, is Norman Dubie.

Francis reports that Bisky McKelvey and Henry McCuen have been at the station three weeks now. They have bunks side by ■ide. Toney Ferrara just came into the station, according to Hey-lin. The latter is all for the Navy training and judging by his appearance, the training/ is all for him too.

Corporal Leo J O’Brien, U. S. Marine Corps, has just returned to San Diego, California, after completing a two weeks stay with his family in Dedham. He participated in the christening of his new son, Leo Joseph, Jr., while home. Walter J Dempsey of Washington, D. C., was godfather and Mrs Joseph Corcoran, godmother.

Dr. Joseph Corcoran, husband of Mrs. Corcoran, is a Captain in the U S. Army stationed in Iceland. He was formerly connected with the Boston City Hospital where both Mrs. O’Brien and Mrs Corcoran served as nurses.

Word has been received from Pvt. Raymond F. O’Brien at boat camp, Marine Barracks, Parris Island, South Carolina. He is enjoying his training even though it is somewhat strenuous. He would be glad to hear from his friends. Address Platoon 570, Recruit Depot, Marine Barracks, Parris Island, South Carolina.

Peter F. Flaherty, Seaman. Second Class is on sea duty with the Atlantic fleet Son of John J. Flaherty, 102 Broadway, Norwood, he is a graduate of Norwood High, class of ’39, and worked at Fore River Shipyards before his enlistment. He joined the Navy in March, and was called for service on April 21 as apprentice seaman.

Flaherty trained at the U S. Naval Training Station, Newport, R. I., and one week at Norfolk, Va. His brother, John P. Flaherty, a private in. the U. S. Army, is stationed at Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Ensign’s Rolltop In The Service Too

Mrs. Guy I. Gibbons, Red Cross Surgical Dressings director, no longer has to do her paperwork at Memorial Hall on a rickety card table. Ensign Carleton Race has helped her out.

Now in the Navy, Ensign Race suggested that his mother, Mrs. Jeanette Race, Norwood Red Cross production head, see that Mrs. Gibbons had the use of his roll top desk for the duration. It’s a sturdy piece of furniture with lot# of pigeon holes and drawers and quite the pride of the Memorial Hall work center this week.

Sergeant Simonds Escaped From Japs Entertained Here-Is Cousin of Mrs. Frank Jankowski, Highyiew Street

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jankowski of 40 Highview Street, Norwood, had the pleasure recently of entertaining Mrs. Jankowski’s cousin, Staff Sergeant Albin P Simonds, who escaped from the Philippine Islands.

Sgt. Simonds has spent five years with the Air Force He has served at the Panama Canal, Hawaiian Islands and the Philippine Islands.

It was at Clark Field in the Philippines that Sgt Simonds was wounded on December 8th. On New Year’s Eve, with others, he made his escape in a small boat and after many days reached Darwin, Australia. The party was then transferred to Sidney where they were given hospital care.

Sgt. Simonds was hospitalized for four’ months. He arrived in New York in May and was glad to be back after five years. He says he has lived a lifetime in just two months of experience -and adventure.

Now stationed At Fort Dlx, New Jersey, he will soon be on duty again.

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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