This Day in Norwood History- September 4, 1934-Norwood Selectmen Propose Liquor Laws

In this famous 1934 photo, patrons bid farewell to the 18th Amendment that legalized and which was repealed by the 21st Amendment on Dec. 5, 1933.
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Tue, Sep 4, 1934 – 15 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

. Sept 4—The Selectmen have submitted to Judge , town counsel, a list of regulations which they have drawn up to enforce laws in town.

The matters were brought to the attention of the Selectmen at various petitions and a number of complaints. A short time ago, after the circulation of a petition, the Selectmen called all the license holders together and told them if they did not take action, the Selectmen would. As a result, an organization was formed by the liquor dealers and a set of regulations adopted, in which prices were raised, among other things.

A list of eight rules has been submitted to Judge Halloran, proposing that holders of club, restaurant and hotel licenses be prevented from having in their possession alcoholic beverages less than one-fifth of a gallon; that no beverages shall be purchased, sold or kept holding less than one-half pin|; that the sale of wine or stronger liquor in bottles, where the liquor is to be consumed on the premises, be prevented, that the sale of beer by the pitcher be eliminated, and the size of glasses be limited to ounces; that the use of illuminated signs on Sunday be forbidden; closing hours for common victualers be 1 a m, with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays when they shall close at midnight; that or guests be restricted from entering clubhouses between the hours of 1 a m and 8 a m on weekdays, and midnight Saturday and 1pm on Sunday; and that the sale of alcoholic beverages by clubs, hotels and restaurants be permitted 8am and 12:30 a m except Saturdays and Sundays, on which days the sales shall be 8am to 11 pm Saturdays, and 1pm to 11pm Sundays.

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