PRIVATE JOHN KALIS: Folan Avenue and his mother, as snapped on one of Kalis’ furloughs. He is stationed now In Florida.

From somewhere in England, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Scanlon of Washington Street have had a letter from their son, Pvt. George F. Scanlon. It follows a cablegram received by them last Saturday.

George writes:

“Dear Mom and Dad:

“Gee, it was swell to receive a letter from you today. It was just four weeks ago today I got my last letter.

“I hope you receive my few letters and the cablegram I sent last Saturday while I was in London.

“I had a good time there with Jerry Langone. We went to church at the Westminster Cathedral. It is really nice. Also saw the Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, but didn’t go in them.

“I expect to get my three-day pass soon. Then I’ll see other places of interest.

“I’m glad that everything is alright at home and you both are well. I am fine and well as I was when last I was home.

“And here’s hoping it won’t be long before I’ll be home again.

“Goodnight and don’t worry. Your Ioving son,


P.S. Say hello to everyone.”

Pvt. Scanlon was inducted into the Army In February of this year. He received his basic training at Camp Croft, South Carolina. Representative and Selectman Charles P. Holman has three sons in the service.

Captain Charles R. Holman was called to active duty on February 1, 1942 He is now stationed in Alabama.

Ensign Robert C. Holman enlisted in the Navy last January and was given a furlough to graduate from Northeastern. He is now stationed in Washington, DC.

Richard H. Holman, who enlisted in the Army in July, is attending an Air Corps school in Denver, Colorado.

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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