Did You Know? Chapel of St Gabriel the Archangel at Highland Cemetery

In 1903, the family, including Lewis and Anna Day and their son, well known photographer and art publisher , oversaw the of the of St Gabriel the Archangel. The chapel was donated to the Town for the use of all town residents for services free of charge, regardless of their religious belief.

The beautiful Neo-Gothic chapel, considered to be a seminal building for its genre and time by architectural historians, was built as a tribute to both of their parents.

Designed by architects , (now ), the exterior features seam-faced with Indiana Limestone trim. The interior consists of granite, limestone, and white marble.

The Chapel is located at and was consecrated on May 30, 1903. The tombs of and are located inside the chapel, to the left of the altar behind an iron grille.

Photo by Cram and Ferguson

An extensive restoration of the Chapel by Gienapp Architects of Danvers, Massachusetts was completed in May of 2019. This work included both interior and exterior masonry work, as well as restoration of the original stained-glass windows and the copper lantern on the chapel turret.

October 2018
March 2019
Photo by Gienapp Architects
Photo by Gienapp Architects
Photo by Gienapp Architects

The inscription reads: This Chapel Dedicated in the name of Saint Gabriel the Archangel is erected to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Joseph and and Lyman and by Lewis and Anna Smith-Day AD MDCCCCIII

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