APPLIANCE SALES & SERVICE, 1124-30 Washington Street, South Norwood, is “First Again“ with a television service laboratory Pictured above is the alignment equipment in the Appliance Sales & Service new television laboratory purchased at a cost of several thousand dollars. According to John Macchi, proprietor, it is the only fully equipped TV service department in Norwood Bob Hughes, service manager, is shown making a preinstallation test, part of the service which ensures quality control and trouble-free reception.

Appliance Sales & Service, 1124-30 Washington Street, South Norwood, was the first in the Boston area to sell a commercial TV installation, according to John Macchi, Proprietor. The sale was made in January 1948, and the installation in the Norwood Hotel was made in March of the same year.

Appliance Sales & Service was the first TV sales dealership authorized in Norwood and its vicinity. 25 years of mechanical experience with the finest in technical equipment was the background with which Appliance Sales & Service entered into the television field. It was only a natural that they would proceed to install at a cost of many thousands of dollars the latest and finest in TV service equipment. Their experience has taught them that a television ’set is only as good as the servicing dealer behind it.

Appliance Sales & Service claims it was In the TV field locally and remains “first” today, having exclusive franchises with Stromberg-Carlson, Westinghouse, and Sparton, producing the finest TV receivers. They also carry other makes. Due to the fact that they have the highest possible rating with Dunn & Bradstreet, they are able to have on display a wide variety of models.

Mr. Macchi of Appliance Sales & Service stated: “Our sets are installed in the finest homes in Norwood. Our customers tell us that we have given the finest service available anywhere. Many large servicing organizations have found our quality service the best and have brought their sets to us for testing and adjustment.”

To further the idea of installing a TV receiver in every home in Norwood, Appliance Sales is Service is first again with an offer of a free outside chimney antenna with the purchase of every set. After analyzing problems for the past year. Appliance Sales & Service is now able to reduce its service policy from $65.00 to $38.95, passing on a saving of $28.05 to the public.

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Appliance Sales & Service wishes to thank the public for its patronage and looks forward to serving them in the future, always with a policy of no divided responsibility (no sub-contractors).

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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