“Carefree” Starts Sunday At The Norwood Theatre

Bringing the world-famous team of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers together once more, “Carefree,” which starts Sunday at the Norwood Theatre, presents a glittering, joyous and song-studded film romance embellished with Irving Berlin melodics, startling dance routines, and a deftly-handled story.

Because Ginger keeps breaking off her wedding date with Ralph Belamy, the latter asks Astaire, a psychiatrist, to fix up any lurking inhibitions the lady may have on the subject of marriage. The pretty patient complicates matters by falling in love with Fred instead of with Ralph. When the psychiatrist fails to respond, the actress starts a hectic series of madcap adventures, the doctor meantime falling in love with her himself, only to find that she has a new resistance to overcome.

How the seemingly lost cause is won at the last moment makes for the uproarious climax of the picture, which is said to be both the funniest and most entertaining of all the Astaire-Rogers vehicles.

The two stars, with cleverly drawn roles to enact as the psychiatrist and the actress, have unusual opportunities to display the talents that made them the world’s premiere dancing duo, and Ralph Bellamy as the lawyer forms the third corner of the tumultuous triangle in what is perhaps his finest role to date. Four of Irving Berlin’s catchiest lunes, “The Night Is Filled with Music,” “I Used To Be Color-Blind,” “The Yam” and “Change Partners,’’ are featured in the picture.

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