Fellow Citizens

This town is being circularized with the most vicious propaganda it has ever witnessed in any controversy.

Men of Substance who by “Intelligent Action” have expressed their confidence in the honesty and ability of General Manager Kendrick are considered “gutter” material.

These circulars would have you believe that Mr. Kendrick is dishonest.

They would have you believe that Butters “COLLECTED” thousands of dollars. I am under no obligation to Mr. Kendrick for any work received as a truckman.

I make no apology to any man or group of men for money honestly earned.

I tried to answer these men in a paid newspaper advertisement and my copy of facts was not accepted. But let these men name any public place wherein we may gather and for the public good, discuss the contents of their circulars and other town affairs, and I shall be most happy to be there and participate in the dissemination of the truth.

Harry B. Butters


(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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