This Day in Norwood History- September 25, 1911-Norwood Residents Desire New Highway

Plan of new highway 1912 Upland Rd Cameron Forbes

Residents of Are Called For Action.

Alteration of Two Bridges Part of Plan Proposed.

Mon, Sep 25, 1911 – 3 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

NORWOOD, Sept 25—Two warrants for town meetings to be held in Norwood this week are posted—one for Tuesday evening and one for Thursday evening. The former will be for the state primaries, and the principal local Interest centers whether Representative Willie W. Baker of will do denominated as the republican candidate, or if Frederick T. Fuller of Walpole will be successful.

Thursday night several important matters will come up. The feature of greatest importance, since it affects not only Norwood and Westwood, but the , possibly the Bay State street railway, and every mobilist who travels through this town, is an article, which reads:

“To hear and act upon the recommendations of the selectmen as to the alteration of the existing railroad badges known as the and First high bridges, and as to the of a new or town way northerly from Prospect st to st in Westwood on the westerly side of the , company location between the bridges named.”

is the old post road from to Providence, and there are bad curves, one at each of these bridges. Where the road passes under the bridge at Ellis there Is a curve at which motor-men on the Bay State street railway (formerly the Old Colony) have instructions to stop before passing. Along nearly half a mile is the First high bridge, where there Is a sharp downgrade going north, and plunging under the bridge with a curve which makes it almost impossible for a motorman or a chauffeur to see the road beyond.

If a new street is run along from the junction of Washington and Prospect Sts to Washington st at Ellis, it will dispose of the curves entirely, and one of the will be along the westerly side of the railroad there will be no need of passing under the bridges for general travel of motor cars, carriages or pedestrians, nor for the trolley cars, if they should change their track.

The general opinion of the citizens about this street seems to be voiced in the action taken Saturday evening by the executive committee of the and hoard of trade. The recommendations of the selectmen were “unanimously endorsed as being the most farsighted and economic plan for the ”. It was voted to bring this matter to the attention of every member of the business association and as worthy “of his support and interest at town and at any future hearings which it may be necessary to hold.”

Another question is to decide what sum of money the town will to raise or borrow and appropriate for the establishment and support of an evening . There were 219 names on a list presented by the to a recent meeting of the school board, asking for action.

An attempt will be made to secure an appropriation of $1000 to put the in condition or take any other action in the matter; to decide if the town will vote to raise and appropriate $500 for the suppression of gypsy and brown-tail moths and their nests to see if the town will reconsider its action taken at the last annual town meeting providing for the payment of votes and interest; to vote on an appropriation to put a escape on the building and to make such alterations as are necessary.

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