This Day in Norwood History- September 24, 1903- Norwood’s New Bandstand

Attractive and Well-Built Structure for Use of One of Most Famous of Old County Organizations.

Fri, Sep 25, 1903 – 7 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

. Sept 34 — The , whose last open-air concert for the season will probably be given next week, is rejoicing in the possession of a new which is now fully completed, and which has been available for use during the later Wednesday night concerts of this year. It was built by the subscription of the people of the town at a cost of between $900 and $1000.

The erection of this handsome new stand, which is of stone surmounted by woodwork, had its inception in the Norwood woman’s club, whose raised large sums by soliciting subscriptions.

A , of which is , carried on the work to completion.

The town has one of the oldest and best county bands in the state, but has never until the present had a permanent band stand of a satisfactory character. The structure is built from combined features drawn from the plans of three different architects and is in a modified Gothic style. The stone work is in rustic, following a vernacular style. The material is common Held stone. Including many curiously marked and shaped. The capstone is of North River flagstone. From these stone foundations rise the eight octagonal posts, which are of wood and bolted into the stone work. The exterior finish is of Georgia nine, and this is stained a very pretty brown. The roof is shingled, the shingles being dipped and painted green. The floor is of asphalt, and the ceiling of cypress.

The structure is surmounted by a copper finial. The stand is wired both for electricity and , and the street railway companies, which have found the band concerts a great encouragement to passenger travel, have furnished the electric lighting this season.

The Norwood band is one of the last of the fine old bands which were found in so many country towns 20 or 25 years ago. It was originally formed In 1860, though Its membership and character have considerably changed since then. One or two of Its present members are G. A. R. comrades, and a number of the original members of the band served in a Norfolk county band in the .

The band’s present director is and it’s manager is Selectman . It is one of the town’s most popular institutions.

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