Mrs. Francis M. Cragin Asks Divorce.

Physician Charged With Cruel and Abusive Treatment.

He Denies This and Charges Wife With Adultery.

DEDHAM, Sept 10—A divorce case which arouses much Interest In this section was begun this afternoon In the Norfolk superior court before Judge Sherman. It Is the suit of Mrs. Lillan Mabel Cragin against Dr. Francis Metcalf Cragin on the ground of cruel and abusive treatment.

Dr. Cragin In his answer denies cruel and abusive treatment and alleges that In the fall of 1899, his wife was guilty of adultery with one John Jardino, and that at diverse times from August. 1901, to February 1903. she was guilty of adultery with one George Matthews.

Mrs. Cragin, who was the first witness, testified that she was married to her husband Dr. Cragin. on Dec 10, 1894, and has always lived with him. For six years the couple lived on Walpole St, Norwood.

Mrs. Cragin testified: “In February, my husband had performed a criminal operation upon me against my wishes. Sometime after that I asked for $5, and my husband threw his pocketbook Into my lap. saying: “Take All I have”, and struck me In the chest.

“One time after that my husband accused me of stealing his pocket book, which was afterward found under the mattress where he had placed It. He shook his fist in my face and grabbed me by the shoulders, shaking me. He hurt me. He used profanity and had been drinking.”

“Right after that I went down east to Southport. Me, where I stayed with my aunt, Mrs. Currier. I stayed there from July to September. When I came back I went to my father, where I was sick abed for seven weeks. My husband came to the house, but I was asleep, and he did not see me then. He came afterward.”

“He treated me for bilious fever when I had typhoid fever. At the request of my folks Dr. Nutting was called. Dr. Cragin violated Dr. Nutting’s Instructions in giving me belladonna. I stayed at my father’s until March, and from the time I got up until I left my father’s my husband did not come to see me or send me anything.”

“When I arrived home my husband was In the office. I knocked at the door, saying that I wanted to speak to him. I went Into the sitting room and he came in.”

“He talked loudly and used profanity. He struck me on the cheek with his hand, knocking me over a chair. I then went home. Since that time I have stayed with my father, who has looked after me. Dr. Cragin has done nothing for me.”

Judge Grover of Canton was examining Mrs Cragin when court adjourned until 10 o’clock tomorrow.