Fire Department Driver the Hero in Hurried Effort to Recapture an Alleged Highway Robber.

The trolley in downtown Norwood

Thu, Sep 23, 1915 – 9 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

NORWOOD, Sept 23—In response to a telephone call from the police of Central J Falls, R I, to be on the lookout for three men wanted there on a charge of highway robbery, Chief of Police Readel and officer Corbett watched the electric cars from the south late yesterday afternoon and arrested the three men just as they were getting off a Walpole trolley car at Day st.

As they were taking the men into the police station one of them broke away and ran for the railroad track. Chief Readel held the other two and ordered officer Corbett to get the run-away. The officer chased him up the track and fired four revolver shots in the air. Driver Patrick F. O’Neil of the Fire Department, who was at supper in his home on Lyman pl, hearing the commotion, went out and joined the chase. O’Neil was formerly of the Brookline Fire Department and is “some sprinter.” He vaulted the fence by the railroad, headed the man into Lenox st and caught him. Officer Corbett, who was close behind, came up, and the man was taken to the lockup.

His name is Peter Sharkey of Central Falls, and the other two are Edward J Viau of East Providence and Albert Yean of Pawtucket. A little later Inspector Bacon of the Central Falls police, Chief Finn of the Valley Falls police. Chief Nelson of Mansfield and patrolman Hunt of Central Falls came and got the men and praised the clever capture.