This Day in Norwood History- September 20, 1934-Norwood Man Near Death After Ax Attack, Friend Held

Billotta Nabbed in Attack With Ax on Friend

Special Dispatch to the Globe

Fri, Sep 21, 1934 – 13 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) · Newspapers.com

, Sept 20 —Attacked with an ax as he lay in bed late tonight, , 40, of 351 Pleasant st, was rescued by police who took him — in a dying condition, to the —after placing his roommate and former friend, , 51, under on a charge of assault with intent to kill.

Fulciniti, his head almost severed by the blows of the ax, cannot live, according to physicians at the hospital.

Police allege that Billotta, who for years has roomed with Fulciniti and worked side by side with him in a local , entered the room as Fulciniti lay in bed and attacked him with the ax. Police say he claimed “Fulciniti was picking on me, pushing me around and trying to take my job away from me.”

Fulciniti was struck twice. His shouts for help attracted the attention of neighbors, who called police.

Patrolmen and Dennis Riley ran into the house and in a short struggle subdued Billotta. William Sullivan, who questioned Billotta, claims that the latter freely admitted attacking his former friend and said that he had no regrets for his action.

Chief Sullivan asserted that if Fulciniti dies the charges against Billotta will be changed to .

Fulciniti has a wife and three children living in Italy. Billotta is unmarried.

This Day in Norwood History-September 27, 1988-Nahatan St Bridge Dedicated to George T Lee

This Day in Norwood History-September 27, 1988-Nahatan St Bridge Dedicated to George T Lee

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