Felix Fontain, 14, and Frank Donegan, 12.

Theft of Horses and Buggies Their Particular Line.

Arrested in Norwood After Trying to Sell Stolen Rig.

Thu, Sep 18, 1902 – 12 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

NORWOOD. Sept I8—The thieves who stole Louis Thompson’s horse and buggy Monday night are probably two of the youngest in that line of crime.

They were arrested yesterday after committing ancther theft and gave the names of Felix Fontain, 29 Crawford st, Woonsocket, and Frank Donegan of 336 Front st. Woonsocket. Fontain is 14 years of age and Donegan Is only 12.

Yesterday afternoon they aroused suspicion while near the village of Islington in trying to sell a horse of some value to a pedler for $25.

Assistant Supt Edward Sheehan of the Norfolk Central branch of the Old Colony took the horse and buggy from them, and they Immediately ran away. Mr Sheehan drove to Norwood to the stable of officer M. D. Creed. Mr Creed, though on his vacation, at once started after the boys, and captured them near Norwood station. They were taken to Dedham.

Their cases came up today, but were continued until tomorrow.