This Day in Norwood History-October 7, 1942-Norwood Man Gets Word of Newly-Arrived Son On Way To Pacific

Wed, Oct 7, 1942 – 8 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

Somewhere down under an soldier now fighting with a will be glad to see this picture: which was dispatched to him by the yesterday. He is private Elmer Matola. 24, of 46 ., , and the picture is that of his wife, Mrs. , 22, and his brand-new 8-pound 6-1 ounce son, whom he never has seen because the baby was born only last Friday at .

Matola, a painter and sculptor and a graduate of the Massachusetts Art Institute, is attached to an American regiment somewhere, in the South Pacific. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Matola and his father is in defense work. Mrs. Matola, who is 22, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Caputo of , South , and was formerly employed by & Roebuck. In one of the last letters Mrs. Matola received from her husband he said:

May 31, New Caledonia.

My Dearest Cay—In writing this note I would like to convey to you how much I missed you this morning, but words fail me. I returned this morning from a long walk in the mountains where I came upon a beautiful waterfall with its stream dashing over rocks and forming swirling cascades as it played on its way into the fertile valley below. Seeing all this wonderful work of nature brought back into my mind memories of wonderful experiences that we had together in New Hampshire. I wish ever so much, that you were here to wander through these fascinating jungle lands with me.

It was a beautiful today after a tremendous rainfall last night. The weather is always about the same. The days are clear and warm almost all the time except for heavy intermittent rains which fall at the most unexpected times. We had to put up our mosquito bars again after being without the pests for a long time.

Has Dad gone through with his plans to beautify the grounds? Your victory garden must be pretty much underway by this time. I wish I could be there to watch the plants raise their leafy heads. Mother and you must be pretty busy ordering Pop around with plans for changing the grounds.

I would have liked to have been at the beach this year—, fishing, sailing and lots of other things we could have done. Well, when we get back Ned and I have planned a nice vacation up at his father’s Summer place in Canada for us.

We played volleyball this afternoon and got beat very badly. The headquarters section took us four games straight (wow). The next time that you write to Tony tell him that I inquired about his health and well-being, That also applies to Nick. I hope Nick has retained his rating in the that he had in the Reserves for in that case, the will provide for his wife and children.

I shall close this brief note (as you call them) with love to Mom and Dad and the best of health to you all.

I love you as ever.

(Signed) Elmer E. Matola.

P. S.—I hope you have sent Henry’s address, for I would like to correspond with him.

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