This Day in Norwood History-October 31

Norwood Gets Water From Quabbin Today

Norwood residents today are drinking water from the Metropolitan District supply system.

Wed, Oct 31, 1956 – 8 · The Boston Globe

The town yesterday became the 27th community to be served by the M.D.C. In valve-opening ceremonies. water flowed into the Norwood system completing a two-year project costing $1,500,000.

A new steel standpipe, 100 feet in diameter, 87 feet high and with a storage capacity of 3.7 million gallons was erected on Bellevue Hill. It will be used in conjunction with another one erected in 1915 which holds 2.5 million gallons.

The town’s daily demand has been estimated at 2 million gallons.

In addition to the new standpipe, 32,000 feet of 36-inch main had to be installed.

Water for Norwood will come from the 415-billion-gallon Quabbin Reservoir at Belchertown and the 65-billion-gallon Wachusett Reservoir at Clinton.

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