Fiedler Acclaimed In Second Norwood Concert

A large and enthusiastic audience attended the second Norwood appearance of Arthur Fiedler conducting the Pops Concert Orchestra at the Junior High School, last night.

Fiedler presented his usual varied program and the audience of music I lovers from Norwood and several surrounding towns enjoyed every minute of it. They applauded liberally and Fiedler responded with several encores.

The first portion of the program consisted of “Pomp and Circumstance,’* March. Overture to La Belle Helene.” Three Movements from the Suite. “Peer Gynt” and the Finale from Symphony No. 4 in F minor. Three encores were also added.

The second half of the program featured lighter numbers, including Selections from “Carousel.” “Jingle. Jangle.” “Clair ce Lune.” ‘ Polonaise in A-flat.” “Knightsbridge,” March, and “Tico-Tico.”

Leo Litwin. an outstanding musician in his own right and who sometimes conducts the Boston Symphony Orchestra played the piano. Among those in attendance was Judge Frank Murray of the Massachusetts Superior Court, several friends of IV.sgr. Minihan from Georgetown University, and a group of men from the Stigmatine Order of Wellesley.

The following persons were sponsors and patrons for the event
Rev. Jeremiah F. Minihan. D.D.. Rev. William F. Castles. Rev. William C. Carroll. Rev. Daniel O’Connor. Rev. Christopher P. Griffin, Dr. and Mrs. George R. Allen. Mr. Fred Adelmann, Mr. lohn C. Barker. Mr. Walter A. Blasenak. Mr. Henry N. Bresette. Mr. Robert Brown. Miss Rosemary Campbell. Dr. and Mrs. James J. Carolen. Mr. John J. Cavanaugh, Mr. John A. Clinch/ Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Collins. Miss Helen G. Costello. Mrs. Marion J. Costello, Miss Sabina R. Costello, Miss Mary E. Coughlin, Miss -Gertrude Cuff. Mr. and Mrs. Machael J. Curran, Mr. and Mrs. James Curran. Miss Catherine E. Curtain, Mrs. Edmund Dalton. Mr. Patrick J. Dempsey. Mr. John V. Dethier. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Donahue, Mr. Thomas A. Donovan, Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Doran. Mr. Charles P. Dunn, Mr. Edward A. Flaherty.

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Also. Mr. Arthur J. Fçrrest. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gahagan, Mr. and . Mrs. Sydney Garland. Dr.s Joseph J. Hagerty, Mrs. Agnes M. Hal- Joran, Miss Jane Hannaford, Mr. Gerard Hawkins. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. HefTeran. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Kendrick, Mr. Francis E. I Lewis. Dr. William F. Lovell. Dr. Roy Lydon. Mr. Thomas Lvdon, Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Lynch, Miss Agnes Marsh. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Murphy, Mr. Richard A. Murphy, Mr. Michael McDonagh, Mr. Louis Orent, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. O’Toole. Mr.. Francis P. Praino. Mr. Robert Reilly. Mr. and Mrs. John Reynolds, Dr. and Mrs. H. B. C. Riemer, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Russell. Mr. Anthony Sansone, Mr and Mrs. Herbert L. Singleton, Dr. and Mrs. George A. Small. Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Sieracki. Mr. John Warlike, Mr. Michael J. Wallace.