This Day in Norwood History-October 27, 1946-Norwood Business Spotlight-Norwood Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Is Completely Equipped Shop

, left foreground, is the owner of the Works, Providence at East , Norwood, and he’s shown doing a bit of automobile radiator repairing. And if you plumb the darkness, you’ll find Rocco Germano and Rusty Corsini, employees.

The Norwood Sheet Metal Works. ¡ on the Providence Highway at the corner of East Cross street. Norwood. is a completely-equipped | shop that turns out A-l quality work at reasonable prices.

Owned by O. J. Germano, the Norwood Sheet Metal Works has been operated by him for the past 8 years, with about five of those years at another location. 8 Mt. Vernon street.

Assisted by Rusty Corsini and Rocco Germano. Mr. Germano specializes in all types of welding, sheet metal work of all kinds, the installation of air conditioning apparatus and automobile radiator repairing, re-coring, and rodding-out.

If you wish information about work that can be performed by the Norwood Sheet Metal Works, you may drop in at the shop, or telephone NORwood 0720-W or 2314, and Mr. Germano will be glad to discuss ‘your problems with

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