These are the people who are heading up this year’s appeal for contributions to the Norwood Community Chest campaign which starts soon in industrial plants and businesses and will open for the town as a whole on November 7.

This picture shows only one of the many meetings held during the past few weeks as part of the big job of getting the campaign on paper and ready to go.

Seated (left to right) : Mrs. Edward Farmer, Administrative Assistant; Albert Connolly, Districts Chairman; Edmund F. Murphy, General Chairman; William Kendrick, President of Norwood Community Chest; Ted Crawford, Publicity; Arthur Wilson, Secretary of the Norwood Community Chest. Standing: Harry Belyea, Administrative Assistant; Harry Howard, member of Executive Committee of the Community Chest; Bert Newman, Administrative Assistant; Warren Milliken, Administrative Chairman; Harry Korslund, Industrial Chairman, and Robert Williamson, Special Gifts Chairman. (Surette Photo)

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