James W. Kelly, foreground, and Robert E. Taylor, a couple of expert mechanics, were engrossed in a repair job when the photographer dropped in on them. Owners of the Hill Top Auto Repair’Shop, at the corner of East Cross and Neponset streets, Norwood, they have been in business about four months, are both experienced mechanics. (Warren Eriksen Photo)

A couple of expert mechanics are James W. Kelly and Robert E. Taylor, who, about 4 months ago, opened the Hill Top Auto Repair Shop, at the corner of East Cross and Neponsct street. Norwood Featuring expert workmanship. : they do all types of automobile repairing, including a complete motor job. with 3-day service.

An important feature offered by the Hill Top Auto Repair is night work . . . that is. if you need your car during the day. they’ll do any repair work necessary at night, so that you won’t need to be without it.

Kelly and Taylor also do radiator flushing (they have a stock of Zeerone on hand); oil changes, rear end and transmission greasing; tire and tube service, including recapping and they’ll call for and deliver your car. too.

Incidentally. they suggest that now would be a good time, before cold weather really sets in, to get that radiator flushed, Zeerone put j in. and at the same time have a lighter grade of oil put in. too.
The Hill Top Auto Repair also.