1944 Norwood High School Junior Varsity Football Team Photo
NORWOOD HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR VARSITY—Front, left to right: Phil Hollister, guard; Robert Baker, center; Frank Campisano, RHB; Bob Ivatts, LHB (Capt.); Matt Foley, LT; Paul Finn, RG; Albert Hohman, LG. Center: Bill Flynn, LHB; Bob Butler, LG; Skippy Howe, RE; Paul Sullivan, QB; Dave Burke, QB; John Healy, QB; Ronald Haddad, RT; Arthur Vietze; Robert Hynes, RHB. Third row: Ed Hinds, LE; Peter Bamber, RT; Pete Klinzman, FB; Jack Cuff, LT; Jim Donlan, LE; Bob Flaherty, FB; Mike Doraxxo, RE; Paul Leblanc, LG; Buddy Bergman, LE. (Surette Photo)

The Junior Varsity football team has been revived at the High School this year and the future stars of the varsity team have been showing much enthusiasm under the painstaking tutelage of Asst. Coach John A. Sullivan, who has resumed his position after service in the Army.

To date, the team hasn’t had too much success, losing 19-0 to Framingham Jayvees and 13-0 to Natick, but are confident that they will fare better in their coming games with Needham. Dean Academy and Dedham.

With 29 boys on the squad, there has been keen competition for the positions on the team.

Hefty John Healy is holding down the center position but is being pushed by light, scrappy Ed Baker. Paul Finn is a running guard who has been practicing down-field blocking all week. The other guard position is being fought out between Paul LcBlanc and Donald Butler. At tackle, the JayVee’s have their two big linemen, Peter Bamber and John Cuff. Thus far, these boys haven’t caught too much of an aggressive spirit. The Vietze has an educated toe which makes him a valuable man on the point after. Billy Flynn is coming fast as a halfback, and Dave Burke, with a little more work, will be a real quarterback threat.