Mrs. Daniel H. Philbrook of 145 Walpole st. has an imposing collection of antiques which date back hundreds of years.

In a modest dwelling at 145 Walpole st. unknown to hundreds of local residents, is housed some of the finest Colonial antiques in New England.

Thirty-five members of the Congregational church had the privilege of seeing the antiques and learning of their history recently when their owner. Mrs. Daniel H. Philbrook gave a Colonial tea in aid of the Women’s Union fund.

The home was prettily decorated for the occasion in gold and white and the luncheon was served on china and with silver 200 years old.

One of the most striking pieces of the collection is a grandfather’s clock that Is Just 200 years old and is keeping perfect time. Sitting beside the clock in the spacious dining room is a chair which Is 300 years old. The most prized possession in the collection Is a facsimile oí the first newspaper published in New England. “The N. E. Courant.” It bears the date. Feb 4. 1723. and is a one-page sheet and was printed on Benjamin Franklin’s press. Queen st., in Boston.

Mrs. Philbrook also lias five folios of ancient pictures. 11×14 inches in size which show some of the show places of Europe which are now under fire. Included in the collection are several old Boston newspapers, one in particular which tells of the death of President Garfield.

A carved ivory cross that is a masterpiece of the carvers’ art is the central piece in the Jewelry section of the collection. It was made in China and its exact age is unknown.

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Scattered about in an upstairs room an assortment of various articles, all of ancient vintage were on display for the visitors. A bedspread 200 years old. several handbags. parasols, a silver hair comb, some embroidery pieces that were 300 years old and in perfect condition. The embroidery pieces were made in a nunnery in Canada and are soon to be given to a museum by Mrs. Philbrook. A bellows, several shawls and a piece of Mrs. Philbrook’s great-great grandmother’s wedding dress which is 194 years old were admired by the group.

Mr. Philbrook is one of the descendants of the founders of Bath, Me., and the ancient grandfather’s clock came to him by succession and dates way back to early Colonial times. Mrs. Philbrook is a descendant of the first President Adams. Her father was the first shoe manufacturer to open a plant in Brockton. His name was Daniel P. Baxter. Mr. Philbrook is the chief engineer at the Norwood Hospital. Mrs. Philbrook’s family are all descendants of the first settlers at Plymouth. The Keith, Kingman and Copeland families are all Interrelated and she is a member of the line.