This Day In Norwood History-November 9, 1947-Willard W. Everett

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Willard “Win” Everett (Photo colorized by the Historical Society)

NORWOOD, Nov. 10— Willard Winn Everett, 69, 76 Winter st., feature editor of the and long known as this town’s “unofficial ,” died today at .

He was graduated from Amherst College in 1901 and became a director of the Natural History Museum at Rochester, N. Y. Later he became a correspondent of the Sun at Springfield, and after that became an advertising solicitor for the Boot and Shoe Recorder in New York and .

Returning to Norwood in the early ’30s he conducted an historical of the town. In 1937 he became editor of the Messenger and left that position to manage a local store. In he returned to the Messenger as its feature editor.

He was a charter member of the and a member of the board of trustees of Morrow from 1920-44.

He leaves a wife, Florence, and two daughters Mrs. Stanley Cottrell of Norwood and Carroll Everett of the Special Services Division, USA, at Augsburg, Germany.

Services will be held Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. in the .

Tue, Nov 11, 1947 – 19 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

Remembering Norwood: ’s , a collection of Win’s recollections of Norwood history, is available for purchase from the Norwood Historical Society’s web store or at the :

Win Everett's Tales of Tyot

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