The parents and sisters of 1933 murder victim Nellie Keras

The strangulation murder in Norwood of Geraldine Annese recalls the similar slaying, 21 years ago, of Nellie Keras, 9, who lived but two streets away. (See the story here)

Little Nellie was strangled to death by Ahmed Osman, a 37-year-old occupant of the apartment above where she lived on Oolah ave.

Osman was sentenced to die in the electric chair for the crime. His cousin, Ali Osman, was cleared of the same charge after a jury trial in Dedham Superior Court.

Oolah av.. incidentally, is the street on which Geraldine Annese’s sister, Mrs. Lena Garneau, who found her little sister’s body in the garage earlier today.

It was testified that on Christmas Day, 1933, Nellie Keras went upstairs to the home of the two Osmans. She was brutally killed. During the trial both Osmans accused the other of the crime.

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