NORWOOD, May 2, 1942—Charles Fanning. 65, of 103 Winslow Ave., frustrated an attempted holdup at a gas station at the intersection of Walpole and Wilson streets, shortly after noon today by four or five young men in a car who fled when Fanning attacked one armed assailant with a quart bottle of oil.

Fanning was slugged on the head by the butt of a gun in the hands of one of the holdup men who attacked him while he was bending over to procure a bottle of oil requested by his assailant who posed as a customer.

Fanning was staggered by the attack, but quickly grabbed a full bottle and threw it at his armed assailant who fled into the street and joined a car filled with youths. Fanning said the car was an out-of-state auto. The young gunman fled, empty-handed.

The car headed in the direction of Norwood Center, and the police cruising car went on the trail without success.

(The Boston Globe- May 2, 1942)

Three Youths Attempt Hold-up

Three youths who thought to hold up the gas station at the corner of Walpole and Wilson streets last Saturday shortly after noon didn’t make out very well They didn’t collect a thing and were properly routed.

According to the gas station attendant, a car pulled up with five fellows aboard Three entered the station and asked for two quarts of heavy oil. When the attendant stooped to get them one youth hit him on the head with a revolver. The attendant wasn’t knocked out, and the would-be hold-up men, disconcerted, fled, followed by a can of oil aimed by the attendant. Mud on the registration plates prevented their identification. The police cruiser, quickly on the scene, missed the car on Walpole Street which means it mu«t have veered onto a side street in making its getaway. A description of the car was sent out on the teletype.

(The Norwood Messenger, May 8, 1942)