NORWOOD, Nov 3, 1924—The Norwood Hebrew congregation laid the cornerstone for their new synagogue yesterday afternoon. There was a considerable attendance from the congregations of the other churches of the town.

Rev David M. Shohet, rabbi of the Fowler Street Synagogue in Boston, and Rabbi J. A. Bankovitz officiated, and Rev Charles Hastings Brown, pastor of Grace Episcopal Church also took part in the exercises. Among those prominent in civic affairs who participated were Hon Frank G. Allen and Hon Elihu D. Stone, Abraham Alpert, editor of the Jewish American, delivered an address, and Dr Frederick A. Cleveland, chairman of the Norwood School Board, also spoke.

The new building which is to be the synagogue will stand at 933 Washington St. almost directly opposite the plant of the Norwood Press. This will be the first synagogue in the history of the town, and it is the result of 17 years of labor since the local Hebrew congregation was first granted a State charter. Some 24 years ago the first Hebrew family came to this town, in the persons of Mr. and Mrs Benjamin Cushing, who now reside at 893 Washington St. Since that date the little group of this faith has been constantly increasing and a Jewish Woman’s Club and a Hebrew school are now numbered among the activities.