This Day In Norwood History-November 28

All Physicians of Norwood Endorse the Plan.
Chairman J. M. Folan Believes This Assures Success of Project.

Chairman of the Committee on Town Hospital. Appointed by the Norwood Business Association.

28 Nov 1910, Mon The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

NORWOOD. Nov 27—The members of the committee on town hospital appointed by the Norwood business association are much gratified at receiving an endorsement of the proposed hospital from the physicians of the town. The indorsement, which is signed by all the physicians of Norwood, is as follows:

“In response to the call of the hospital committee of the Norwood business association, a meeting of the Norwood physicians was held. It was the unanimous opinion of those present that the medical profession should give this movement its hearty approval.

“Accordingly the undersigned wish to state their belief that there is much need of a local hospital and that it will accomplish much good in the conservation of the health and lives of our people.

“If the public recognizes its advisability and desires it there is no question that the hospital will soon become a fact.

“Therefore, we wish to advise its establishment and each and all of us will do our best to make it a success, and thus fill in good measure this great need of our town. ‘

The signatures of the physicians in the town follow.

Chairman James M. Folan of the committee, who was the originator of the plan for a town hospital, and through whose efforts it was indorsed by the business association, believes that the physicians’ endorsement makes the hospital assured. He said to a Globe representative:

“A large number of Norwood, Westwood, and Walpole people have expressed to the committee their pleasure at the prospect of a hospital, and would gladly cooperate in every way possible to make the institution a success. This expression comes from prominent people of all three communities, some of whom are well able to make substantial donations.

“One of the questions asked the committee is: ’Where are you going to locate the hospital?’

“The committee does not feel that it is a part of their duty to select a location. That matter should be determined by the regularly elected representatives of the corporation, whose power will be derived from some recognized authority The committee do not feel that they would be acting judiciously in assuming responsibility along the lines of selecting a location, determining the size or kind of building, the capacity of the Institution or the scope of its undertaking.

“Bringing the matter before the public in a general way, such as determining the desirability of a hospital, the grouping of the several interests of Norwood, Westwood, and Walpole into a business proposition and the preliminary work for organization and incorporation will cover all that the committee is expected to do.

“Any suggestions that any citizen may desire to offer for the furtherance of. the undertaking will be cheerfully received by the members of the committee. That a hospital is needed in town is proved conclusively by the number of people who say they hope it will be established soon. However, to complete all arrangements will require a great deal of effort and some little time.”

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