This Day In Norwood History-November 15, 1910-Plans Norwood Hospital

Business Association Finds Sentiment Strong in Favor—Would Include Walpole and

, Nov 16—A of the committee appointed by the to look into the matter of a town hospital was held last evening, and the , . , gave out a statement to the Globe representative in which he said: “The sentiment throughout the community in favor of the establishment of a hospital is developing beyond the most hopeful expectations of the committee.

“It is the desire of the committee to embrace in this proposition not alone Norwood, but also Walpole and Westwood, and to invite those communities to cooperate with us in this commendable and charitable undertaking. The committee does not expect or desire that the maintenance of such an institution should be borne exclusively by the people of wealth, but desires and expects the cordial and generous cooperation financially of every person in the community benefited. The three communities above mentioned have in round numbers 15,000 inhabitants, which means about 4000 male adults of 21 or over. A from each of the 4000 males of $1.50 each annually will be sufficient for the proper maintenance of the institution.

“The committee has complete confidence in the generosity and public spirit of the people composing the towns to warrant it in saying that the hospital is an assured thing. What is left for the committee to do is to find the best method of bringing this about, and that will require some time and a great deal of serious consideration, also the advice and counsel of those who have experience in like undertakings. The committee desires to extend Its most grateful appreciation to the do -tors of Norwood for their hearty cooperation with the committee in accomplishing so much.”

Wed, Nov 16, 1910 – 4 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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