This Day In Norwood History-May 5, 1953-Aid Sought From State Legislature to Keep 90 Working in Wiggins Airways

May 5, 1953—Some 200 residents of Norfolk County tonight unanimously passed a resolution calling upon Massachusetts Senators and Congressmen and members of the State Legislature to aid in the fight to keep the Wiggins Airways operating in this area.

The resolution sought the active support of Senator Leverett Saltonstall and Congressman John Kennedy in Washington, on May 19, when the Civil Aeronautics Board holds a hearing to reconsider its action in refusing to renew the operations certificate of Wiggins Airways, It has been operating in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut since 1949.

Arthur V. Wilson, secretary of the Norwood Chamber of Commerce, who presented the resolution, told the gathering at the Junior High School here, that “the arbitrary action of the CAB in refusing by a 3 to 2 vote to renew Wiggins’ certificate, is another attempt to stifle a Massachusetts industry for the benefit of outsiders.

“If this attempt is allowed to stand, it will mean abolishing the jobs of 90 New Englanders and remove an annual payroll of over $250,000 from Massachusetts industry.’’

(The Boston Globe-May 6, 1953)

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