Corky Cristiani

Corky Cristiani, 21, and pretty famous equestrienne with the Cristiani Bros. Circus like nearly all on the list of performers, has inherited her strength and skill, and daring.

The life of sawdust and spangles’ is the only life she has ever known as she was born while her parents were with a circus exhibiting at the time In Copenhagen. Denmark. She represents the third generation of a famous circus family.

While her act lasts but eight minutes, months, and years of constant practice were required by Miss Corky to perfect her act. There is no act with a circus more daring than that of a bareback rider. It requires extreme skill to turn a somersault from a galloping horse to the ground without experiencing a sprained ankle.

Equally important is the training of the ring stock. A circus ring is 40 feet in diameter and to keep from throwing a performer off balance a horse must take just so many measured steps. The gait must be mathematically uniform. A serious injury to a performer might result if a horse stumbled. Among the 100 performers with the Cristiani Bros. circus coming to Elks Park, Norwood, on Wednesday,June 12, under the auspices of the V.F.W. for performances at 3 and 8 p.m. are 20 riders.

But the brilliant work of none stands out brighter than that of Miss Corky She is an accomplished somersault rider Just now she has about perfected, after six years of practice, the turning of a backward somersault from one running horse to another galloping horse A feat that only a few male riders have accomplished.

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