BABY SITTERS — These Norwood girls have completed a course In Baby Sitting sponsored by the Norwood Women’s Community Committee. Front row (left to right) Nancy Bannon, Skirmante Maikaitis, Diane Cronin, Caroline Croft, Mary Roderick, Denise Daley, Carol Hertle, Martha Badger. Rear row: Renata Simenas, Irena Taylor, Susan Smith, Sylvia Radel, Louise Becker, Peggy Carroll, and Mrs. Robert Davis, Instructor. (McLean Photo)

Sponsored by the Women’s Community Committee and under the chairmanship of Mrs. Robert Davis fifteen Junior High School girls have completed a four-lecture and demonstration course in Baby-Sitting, written their examinations, taken the Baby-Sitters’ Pledge, and received Certificates.

(The pledge together with the names and addresses of these girls is printed below It is suggested that anyone interested clip the list and keep it for future reference.)

Mrs. Davis, who reports the group unusually bright and attractive, opened the course on the ethics and responsibilities of a babysitter This was followed by a lecture and demonstration on the feeding, handling and general care of an infant by Mrs. Louis Sieracki who was formerly a member of the Committee. The group was also most fortunate to have the talk on management and amusement of preschool children given by Mrs. Robert Wallace.

Last Tuesday afternoon at the time of repeating the pledge and receiving their Certificates, Chief Harry Butler of the Fire Department gave a talk on fire prevention and what to do in case of fire, stressing that the department would gather be called unnecessarily than have the girls take any chance whatever with the safety of their precious charges. The Committee is again most grateful to the Fire Department for their co-operation.

This is the Baby-Sitters’ Pledge:

“I have one of the most responsible jobs in the world. I am in charge of a priceless possession. From the moment I start my duties, until the parents’ return. I will keep awake, alert and watchful. will be prepared to meet any emergency, accident, or illness. I will know how and where to call the doctor, police, fire department, the telephone where the parents or neighbors may be reached. I will know how to properly care for simple burns, cuts, and bruises. When entering a strange house, I will take careful note of my surroundings and will observe, and if possible, correct any condition that may cause an accident during my presence. I am fully aware that a child’s life is in my hands. I will do all in I my power to protect that life.”

Following is a list of the girls completing successfully the course.

Nancy Bannon, 162 Nichols street. No. 7-3047

Diane Cronin, 56 Gay street. No. 7-4174.

Skirmante Makaitis, 331 Sumner street. No. 7-2449-J.

Renata Simenas, 29 Chapel street. No. 7-3363-W.

Carol Hertle, 39 Wheelock avenue, No. 7-4035M.

Irene Taylor, 1 Linden street. No. 7-1026.

Martha Badger, 40 Clapboardtree street. No. 7-2949-R

Mary Roderick, 45 Oxford road. No. 7-4172-W.

Louise Becker, 120 Wilson street No. 7-0504.R.

Sylvia Radel, 11 Heaton avenue. No. 7-4376.

Louise Goepner, 108 Vernon street, No. 7-3994.

Susan Smith, 205 Walpole street. No. 7-0016.

Peggy Carroll, 42 Azalea drive. No. 7-3910-M.

Denise Daley, 18 Oxford road. No. 7-4420-J.

Caroline Croft, 95 Pleasant street, No. 7-4572-M.

(All articles were originally published in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)