CONGRATULATIONS for winning the Norwood K. oí C. Ping-Pong championship are extended to Victor Babel. Jr, (right) by Grand Knight John Donovan, as Joseph Wall, director of the league, looks on at left

Victor Babel, Jr., was proclaimed K. of C. Ping-Pong Champion for 1965 in a two-from-three series elimination tournament last week. Joe Minkevich placed second and Jerry Silletti came in third.

Vic Babel, Sr,, Dick Krant, and Renzo Ippoliti gave the top three tremendous competition in the late evening matches. The group entered in the tournament constituted one of the largest of any evening since the program began. This brought to a close a very successful season.

A social will be held soon for players and their wives. Trophies will be awarded with dancing to follow. Refreshments will be served throughout the evening.

Much credit for the success of the 1965 program goes to Grand Knight John Donovan for his interest and cooperation. He appointed Joe Walt as chairman, and under his direction ping-pong was revived for the first time since Vic Babel, Sr., headed the program 15 years ago at the old building.

Opening as a 12-man league, the program was expanded to 21 men and continued in full swing through the end of the season last week.

(All articles were originally published in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)