ARCMITICT’S SKETCH by the office of Harry J. Korslund, Norwood, shows present main church and spire of the Emmanuel Lutheran Church (right) and the new addition (left) for which ground was broken on Sunday.

At ceremonies last Sunday morning, ground was broken for the addition to Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Norwood,

Participating in the service of groundbreaking were the pastor, the Reverend Raymond Kask; Harry Korslund, Architect, Charles W. Jones, Chairman of the Building Committee, and the Contractor. Also Joining in the actual groundbreaking were scores of children oí the Church School Interested onlookers were the congregation who had just proceeded from the sanctuary to the site of the new structure.

To prepare the way for the new addition it will be necessary to remove the parsonage from its site on Berwick Road and relocate it on Gardner Road. As soon as this is completed the actual work on the building will commence. The new addition, which comes off at the present tower, will be a two-story structure. The entire first floor will be given over to educational facilities. The second floor will house offices, church activities room, auditorium, kitchen. The floor space is approximately 8600 square, feet.

The exterior of the addition will be of brick following the Colonial style of the existing church.

GROUND WAS BROKEN at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church on Sunday noon for a new addition to the church. When the Rev. Raymond Kask, pastor, used a shovel to break ground, many of the youngsters of the parish, who were invited to participate, did likewise with their shovels. (McLean Photo)

Facing Berwick Place, the church, with the new addition will form an open V-shaped court, and extending to the rear of the will be a wing containing the auditorium, kítchen, Sunday School classrooms, and a large men’s social room.

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The Building Committee of the Church is comprised of Dr. Charles W. Jones, Chairman, Dr. Harold Knudson, Secretary, and Messrs. Fred A. Carlson, Verdi A. Dodds, William V. Mattson.

At the congregational meeting on April 25, the Congregation approved unanimously the plans and proposals of the Building Committee and awarded the general contract to John E. Bamber Co., of Norwood.

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