All War Veterans And Ex-Murraymen

Ray Martin with the Boston Braves in 1947 (Photo: Digital Commonwealth, Colorized by the Norwood Historical Society)


Norwood will be well represented on the collegiate and minor league baseball diamonds this year. Seven young men —all of them veterans and former Norwood High athletes— have left recently or will leave soon-reach with a promising baseball career ahead of him.

Do you remember an article in the Boston papers several weeks ago in which Southeastern University, La., was inviting athletes to inquire about that school? Well three qualified Norwood men read it, and encouraged by the fact that three other Norwoodites are already enrolled at that institution, they accepted the call. Eddie Bowles and Bill Lukaweeki, who were hard-hitting infielders in High School around ’40 and ’41, and who starred as moundsmen in the Senior League last year, along with Freddie Ransow who was a clever back on the ’38 and ’39 football teams and who is a pitcher of considerable ability, all have left for the Louisiana school. There they have joined Angelo Antonolli, who was the star center on the Southeastern eleven last year. “Rookie” Lorusso, a crack goalie in High School, and Jimmy Tomm, a three-sport man under Benny Murray in ’41.


Every baseball fan is aware of the fact that Ray Martin will continue to climb towards the majors, when he reports to Hartford at Raleigh, North Carolina, Saturday. As one of the best pitchers ever to wear the Norwood High uniform and with a good record with Evansville in the Class B league, last year, the local fans are rooting for him to make good with class A Hartford and possibly climb to the Braves in a short while.

Not so well known, perhaps, is that three other Norwood men have contracts with major league teams. Last Friday, Romey Daunt and Billy Donovan left to report to the Yankee Class A farm team, Binghampton, which is training in North Carolina. Daunt, a second baseman, was Captain of the ’39 Norwood High nine and played for Fall River last season, after finishing at Boston College where he was hailed by Freddie Maguire as the best player he ever coached.

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Billy Donovan of the well-known athletic Donovan family, has played for Williams College and in the Boston Park League. He has played third base but will try his talents as a pitcher in his bid for a berth in the majors. Pitching comes “nacherly” to Billy who was one of the best passers ever to play football for Williams. before entering the Army.

Another veteran and former Norwood High baseball standout who will seek a baseball career is Frank “Varnish” Miloszewski.

Miloszewski, who just recently concluded the Senior League basketball, season as its highest scorer, will leave the environs of Norwood Monday to accept the invitation of the Brooklyn Dodgers to attend their organization camp at Bainbridge, Md.

Mlloszewski’s ability was brought to the attention of the Dodger’s New England Scout, John O’Conner, by Leon Smelstor, Norwood Superintendent of Recreation.

Although he’s had considerable success as a pitcher and outfielder. Miloszewski will try to become a Dodger on the strength of his catching talents. In High School he received the starts of Ray Martin.

Miloszswski, like the other baseball aspirants, is a war veteran, having been recently awarded the Bronze Star by the Navy.

This reporter inquired at the home of Charlie ‘‘Major’’ Bowles last night to learn of his baseball plans. The family stated that they had not heard from him recently and did not know whether he would resume his baseball career or continue working at Welch, West Virginia. After playing for several minor league teams last year, Boyles became a free agent at the end of the season.

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Norwood has long been noted as one of the best baseball towns— a perennial contender in the Eastern Mass. High School Tournament. It will be a credit to H. Bennett Murray, who has coached all of them, and to the men themselves who are trying to regain their stride after years of military service, if they can make the grade in America’s lucrative and enjoyable pastime. The best wishes of Norwood’s sports fans arc with them.

The Norwood Messenger, March 28, 1947


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