At the annual Dutch Supper of the Norwood Sportsmen’s Association last Monday night Edward Thompson, chairman of the Building Committee announced that negotiations had been reached for the leasing of a section of land from Winslow Brothers &. Smith Co.

The property is located adjacent to Guild Pond just below Willett Pond on the Nichols street side. Extensive plans were started on the improvement of the area and the construction of a clubhouse. Town Manager Edward C Monahan was the guest of the club and he pledged his wholehearted support to the betterment of an area that could be enjoyed by both young and old. He also stated that negotiations for the acquisition of funds for stocking purposes was not a permanently sidelined issue.

The lease is for a ten-year duration and in addition to the actual land contained in the document, use of the valley between Willett and Ellis Ponds for hunting and fishing purposes is granted.

The club plans to start construction work on the premises as soon as possible. Building plans were approved by the members and Gene Reynolds, club architect, announced that complete specifications would soon be available.

Austin Maddox, Tannery representative in the negotiations, was given a round of thanks by the appreciative attendance who unanimously agreed that this was the step long anticipated by the organized sportsmen in this area.

Enthusiasm was rampant throughout the discussion and it was through the voluntary action of several tradesmen within the membership that a well-rounded committee of builders joined the Building Committee.