H. Bennett Murray, Director of Physical Education for the Norwood Public Schools, and for 25 years athletic coach at the High School, has submitted a request to the Board of Selectmen that the town retire him under the provisions of Chapter 32 of the Veterans’ Retirement Act.

Murray’s request for retirement came before the Board of Selectmen, it was explained, because under this act the Board is the authorized retirement agent of the town.

The Board was advised that Murray’s request for retirement had been considered by the School Committee, and had been approved by that board.

At Tuesday night’s meeting of the Selectmen, the Board voted to approve the retirement request subject to the usual medical report. Dr. George Klein will act for the Board in this connection and similarly, a physician selected by the applicant for retirement will render a report to the Board.

Murray’s retirement, if recommended by the examining physicians, will ring down the curtain on the career of one of the outstanding figures in Massachusetts schoolboy sports for the past quarter of a century.

One of the oldest school coaches in point of service in the state, has produced winning baseball basketball, and football teams in this tòwn for many years and big league baseball has seen many a year that one of Murray’s former high school stars was in the big time and reflecting credit on the Norwood High School mentor.

News of Murray’s retirement was the comment of much regret in Norwood this week.

The Board of Selectmen, in acceding to Murray’s request that he be placed on the retirement list, did so with obvious regret.

“Norwood High School will lose a good man and fine character,” said Chairman Harry Butters of the Board “In approving the request for retirement as submitted and recommended by the School Board, I do so with a deep sense of loss.”

“If this is as he wants it, it should be. hope his decision to retire was motivated by no other reason than his failing health.”

Asked for a statement on Wednesday, Murray said that he had nothing to say at this time, but that he would make a formal statement later.

The records of basketball, football, and baseball teams coached by the little mentor compare favorably to those of any school in the state.

Murray-coached baseball teams have participated in eight Eastern State tournaments, a record in itself. The Blue and White captured the Eastern title in 1939, and the state crown in 1943. The famous 1927 aggregation, which included Johnny Dixon, Stanton Slaven, Arnie Oakes, and other famous diamond stars, were also state champions. Murray’s winning football percentage of 81.4, with 146 wins in 203 contests, with 20 tie games excluded, rates very high in scholastic circles.

Benny’s grid teams have rolled up 2,739 points against 1,296 for the opposition. The Murray teams were undefeated in ’21, ’22, ’26, ’27, ’29, ’33, ’38 and ’42, and undefeated and untied in ’21, ’22,’26,’29 and ’33.

Against Norwood’s chief rival, Dedham, the Murraymen came out on top in 10 out of 24 games, including two ties.

(All articles were originally published in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)


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